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Express Courier

Dragon Express (Pvt.) Ltd which was established in Bangladesh in 1998 as an international express courier. Within short period of time Dragon Express (Pvt.) Ltd extends its network and send shipments in five Hubs daily i.e. Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, South Korea, France and receive shipments from two Hubs i.e. Hongkong & South Korea daily .

Dragon Express (Pvt.) Ltd provides a global solution moving urgent & time-sensitive documents and parcels around the world, door to door, within committed transit times that meet your needs and expectations. Our International Express service is available with the ability to track shipments at anytime of the day through our advanced online tracking system available at

Worldwide Document Express(WDX):
The extensive Dragon Express worldwide network, short transit times and competitive shipping rates ensure door to door delivery of urgent documents to any destination in the world.

Worldwide Parcel Express (WPX):
The most valuable objects are specially packaged and handled by Dragon Express worldwide, taking it fast through customs to make sure it reaches the recipient on time.

Cash On Delivery (COD):
With this service, our customers (Shippers) do not have to pay anything for the transportation charges for the delivery of their Documents or Parcels to selected countries. Dragon Express worldwide collects the transportation Charges including duty/tax from the consignee at destination upon delivery of the goods.

Import Express (IPX):
Import Express Service is available from selected countries like Hongkong, China, Taiwan , Japan , Thailands, Singapore and South Korea. Import Express puts you in control for collection of your urgent documents and parcels right back to your location. Itís fast, secure and economical. Please contact our local customer service team for more information or to make pick-up arrangements.