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Air Freight

Dragon Express ( Pvt. ) Ltd, started its Air Freight division in 2005. It is a freight company which specializes in the movement of heavy weight cargo for commercial, manufacturing and industrial customers worldwide.

Whether you import/export, you can depend on Dragon Express (Pvt.) Ltd to serve you with the most comprehensive value-added services in the business. You can trust on our strength:

From the Bangladesh covering 150 countries. We collect your shipment and deliver directly to your consignee end.

The shipper brings all goods directly to our ware-house and we transport the shipment to any customs airport worldwide. We notify local consignee at destination city and provide you with a proof-of-Arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at destination port.

We collect your shipment and will deliver to any customs airport worldwide. We notify consignee upon arrival at the local airport and also provide Proof-of-Arrival notification to you Consolidation, Time Definite, Small Package, Oversized and Expedited / First Flight out services available Full, solutions to meet your exclusive needs.